Now I know what Forms are 

I love driving up to the lot and seeing workers. Especially multiple workers! Forms have been going in yesterday and today as we get ready for the foundation. It’s odd to see the house take shape. Trying to guess where rooms will go. The space does not feel right but I’ve heard all feel that way until the drywall is in. 

Movement is fabulous 

The lot is officially graded. Almost March but I’m so relieved something has actually happened. This is the view of the back of where the house will be standing at the back fence.

What I thought was a flat lot was definitely not flat. They had to raise it so much and bring In loads of dirt. I wasn’t expecting so much slope. 

In good news we’ve hit so much water! That has me freaking out. Is there a spring underneath? Our builder seems calm. Walking in the backyard might require a canoe and life jacket.  

This picture is one of my best. It deserves framing. 

Here is a picture of the front from the street.  The lot seemed so big at first. But once they start grading the backyard feels so much smaller. I wonder if my perception is off and I will feel differently when it is all completed.

Hoping the piers go in soon .

Hick House

Today I wonder if the house construction will ever happen . If I see one more Pinterest idea my brain will explode. I drive by the lot again. Surprise! It’s still there. Permits and delays with builders are difficult. I need to figure out how to be a better boss.