Doors and windows are so Cool

I was so thrilled when the doors and windows arrived . It looks like a house! Ryan and I spent a long time going back and forth on window color. Dark bronze or black? We went with dark bronze in the end. The black was my first choice but after looking at homes we decided it was too harsh against the stone we were choosing for the exterior.  Probably the most important thing to me in this build was the window choice. I wanted real wood windows that added character to the home. The interior is not painted yet and just unpainted wood. Can’t wait. I feel bad for the person who has to take all the stickers and film off the glass. Sure hope it’s not me…My favorite room in the house. This is the family room and I’m taking the picture from standing in the kitchen area. I love the 5 sets of French doors with transoms above and the fire place. Andrew looks less impressed.

Back patio. I love the dark color.

Gameroom window seat Master bedroom Flex room

Dining room. All the windows are actually much larger than they appear in the photos.


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