Monthly Archives: May 2017

Beginning to Look Real 

Rafters are going in and the house is really taking shape .  Here is the front side as you approach the house.

Here is the front

And the back of the house.


Odds and Ends 

The selection process seems to never end. It's enjoyable but I also worry that I stay consistent with the style of my choices. Some garage door options. They would be painted very dark to match the roof.

Here are Some post options I like for the exterior patio. I think the dark will be a nice contrast with the painted brick in the back.


And the rafters begin today. It is harder now to see changes at the house although you can tell they have added so much to ceilings to prepare for rafters. I have no idea what the pitch and roofline will eventually look like. Every day is one surprise after another. So far they have all generally been good surprises!

Exterior Stone 

This is so hard for me to imagine what the stone will look like times 1000. We’ve decided to try leuders 70%buff and 30% grey. Then for the rest of the house to do painted brick. Add a dark roof and fascia . We decided to use red brick and paint it because it was cheaper. This is where we started.

We decided the grey stood out too much. So they treated the grey and then did an acid wash over it. They painted the brick and added roof and fascia. Here is our current sample board and what we ended with. 

We all think we love it but hope we feel the same way when over so much space.  Dark bronze windows and doors will add a nice contrast. 

Second Floor Framing 

The upstairs is much smaller than the downstairs. We put as much house as possible downstairs except the kids room and a small gameroom.  Crossing my fingers my health holds up, but if it falls apart which it has been known to do, more house downstairs will really help me.  A few days ago we actually added trusses in the attic over the family room in case someday someone wants to expand. There is so much roofline that is not being utilized. We also decided to push out the upstairs gameroom wall as well . More trusses were delivered today.  Please don’t fall buddy.